Tena's PI Design
Animated Heart
Made with Photo Impact 6

Open a new image 200 x 200. Go to Path Drawing Tool. Set it at 2D..Select a red color..Select custom shape..and find the heart shape.
Make your heart Shape. 
Go to Text..add the message you would like to see.
Now go up to object..select all objects..
then right click and select merge as single object.
Go to format..frame and shadow..select the magic frame..find the 15th frame counting left to right
Now you have your first image made..Go to WEB..image optimizer. Select the Gif tab and then be sure that the transparancy tab is checked also. Now click on the mask tab..under the options there..see where it says Matte? Click on the arrow and select none. Click on save as...giving your image a name..such as heart1.gif


While your image is still active ..Go to effects..click on Magic Light..


Select the 5th one..(should be the one in the middle) Click on options.


On the left hand side see the square in your heart? Place your curser on it and drag the light down and to the right.
Leave the settings as shown
Now you have made your second image..Go to WEB ..Image Optimizer..and repeat what you did with the first image you made. Save this one as heart2.gif
With heart still active.. Go to effect.. Select VM Natural..Sparkle.

If you do not have this click here to get it......
      Vm Sparkle

I used these settings.
Max size..45
Random Seed 155..or whatever you like the looks of the best.
Now you have your 3rd image made. Repeat the web..image optimizer as you did the first time..save as heart3.gif


With active heart now go to effect..magic light again..but this time choose the first one. Select options.


Place your curser over the white square in the image on the left and this time drag it to the top and to the left.
Now go to effect..texture..select sandstone set at 2. Say ok..This is your 4th image..To to Web..image optimizer and save as before..this is your image 4.
Now you are ready to animate your heart..Up on the right hand side at the top..click on switch..Choose the animator.. When the animator opens up choose animation wizard..click on add image..and find the 4 hearts you just saved.. if you click on them in the order of  4  3 2 1..they will be in the correct order to animate.. Select next..and check photo oriented. Click next and keep the next settings..click finish. Now click preview..and you will see your heart animated.. If you are happy with it ..then you are ready to save it..Go up to file... optimation wizard...settings...yes..click next..click yes for photo oriented images..click next..and have yes, yes, yes checked in the next window..Click finish..and select save as..give your animated heart a name.. Thats it! You are all done.


Here is another animated heart you can try out.

To make this heart start out like you did with the other one with a new image at 200 x 200. Only this time set it at 3D.

After your heart is drawn in 3D..go to Format..frame and shadow..magic frame..this time select the 9th one. Set the outer edge to 14 and the inner edge to 0.
This is your first one to save..go to web..image optimizer as before..and save as image 1
No go to effect..creative lights.
Choose the 5th one.. Use the following settings.
Halo brightness...........50
Halo Radius....60
then the other settings are 30 ,120, and 35..ambient light 50 Now click ok..select apply current frame effect to image. Then save this image as image2 as you did before.
While the image is still active ..right click and select undo.
Then go to effect..texture..select sandstone..set at 3.
Go to Web..image opimizer and save this image..as image3. Now you have a heart that looks as though a light is coming on and off on it. Thats it..have fun!


Have fun creating with Photo Impact.
This tutorial was done   1/16/2001
copyright© Tena K Williams