Hi I am Sandra and live in Queensland Australia where we have beautiful weather all year round.
I am not very good at drawing so when I started using DrawPlus to my amazement using vectors you can create anything and it is a fun to use and easy to learn.
Everything done on this page is done in DrawPlus.
I am also a Mentor for Paint Shop Pro Beginners Workshop  where you can learn to use Paint Shop Pro which is also a great program. Also I am member of PIRC where there I a great bunch of people to help you along your way learning DrawPlus and to show off you graphics that you have created in Draw Plus.  
Writing  tutorials for DrawPlus  is another one of my hobbies not that I have written many yet but hope to write a lot more so please enjoy the tutorials on this page.
For DrawPlus X6 and X8
Mail: sadejew@gmail.com